About Me

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering working in the Human Signals Lab under the supervision of Prof. Edison Thomaz. I am also affiliated with the Wireless, Networking & Communications Group (WNCG), the Institute for Foundations of Machine Learning (IFML), and the Intelligent Machine Learning Consortium (iMAGiNE). I received my B.Eng in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the American University of Beirut in 2017. My main research lies at the intersection of mobile and ubiquitous computing, human-centered AI, and human activity recognition (HAR). Leveraging multimodal sensing technologies, I am particularly interested in building lifelong adaptive learning systems that continually perceive and recognize human behavior from sensor data with the capacity to dynamically evolve in response to temporal life changes.

Regarding other research experiences, I was a Visiting Student Researcher-Intern at E.L Ginzton Laboratory at Stanford University under the supervision of Prof. Butrus Khuri-Yakub working on transcranial high intensity focused ultrasound. I also worked on epileptic seizure prediction and detection optimization as an undergraduate research assistant for two years at the American University of Beirut supervised by Prof. Zaher Dawy. Alongside academic work, I also have industrial experiences through a residency at X, The Moonshot Factory (formerly Google X), CA and internships at Intel, CA and Apple, PA.

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